Monday, August 10, 2009

My Technique for Wrapping Handlebars on a Roadbike

Re-wrapping your handlebars gives your bike a newer look and makes the ride more comfortable. All handlebar wrap eventually wears out, heres how to replace it properly.

Step 1

Purchase a handlebar wrap kit. Prices are usually around 10-25 US $ depending upon type.

Kits usually come with two rolls of wrap, two small pieces, some tape and new handlebar end caps.

Step 2.

Remove old Wrap

No rocket science Here. Cut, scrape, tear, whatever...just get it off. Also remove the old endcaps. If your kit came with new ones you can discard theses if not save them.

Step 3.

Start Wrapping

Wrap is typically applied in the counterclockwise direction on the left and clockwise direction on the right. In the images i am doing to left side handlebar.

Start at the bottom of the handle bar leaving about half the tape hanging over the end. Start wrapping keeping even tension on the wrap and overlapping by about 1/3 the width.

Continue Wrapping until you come to the break clamp.

Wrap upward on the bar as far as you can before bringing the wrap up on the inside. Keep the wrap taught when doing this

Step 4

Wrap the Brake

Bring the wrap up on the inside of the brake
Then bring the wrap down on the outside and while keeping it taught wrap around the inside of the handlebar as low as you can to overlap the most. Bring the tape to the upper part of the handlebar now and continue wrapping.

Sometimes there is a small gap between the pieces of wrap at the brake. This is intended to be covered by the small piece of wrap included in the kit. Using this method however i never end up using it.

Step 5

Finish off wrap

Finish off wrapping handlebar or until you run out of wrap. Included in the kit is typically two pieces of tape. Wrap the tape around the end of the wrap as shown in the images. Once this is complete i typically wrap electrical tape over this for even more security and a better look.

Step 6

Insert the endcap

The endcaps are intended to secure the wrap at the other end. Compress the wrap into the bar and insert the cap over top. As shown in the images.

Hammer the cap into place.

Step 7

Do the other side

Now just repeat the procedure on the other side and your done. Be sure to wrap in the opposite direction.

Now go for a ride and enjoy your new handlebars!!

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